GARDEN terrarium kits

Everything you need to start your own 
self-sustaining tiny ecosystem that thrives on neglect.



GARDEN terrarium kits were created so people can easily add green to the inside of their homes. While Matthew Klyn, GARDEN’s founder and owner, has designed some of Atlanta’s most appealing outdoor landscapes, the GARDEN terrarium kits mark a move to empower anyone to build and maintain their own small ecosystem indoors.

"The idea behind the terrarium kits was all about making growing something beautiful accessible to everyone, even inside their homes,” said Klyn. “So we needed to develop the best way to package and ship them so that you could literally pick one off the shelf and build yourself a self-sustaining tiny ecosystem that thrives on neglect."

The kit features everything needed to cultivate your own terrarium: a 100% recycled glass terrarium, along with charcoal, orchid mix, terrarium soil, moss, gravel, stones, decorative accents and building and care instructions.

Once you’ve established your terrarium, you can adorn it with additional plant kits including mini orchids, greens, Tillandsia and succulents. The GARDEN team hand selects all plants seasonally. 

Matthew Klyn


As one of the top landscape designers in the Southeast, Matthew Klyn brings an innovative and modern aesthetic to sustainable urban design. He creates visually striking environments that respect the local ecosystem, reflect a modern aesthetic, and gain inspiration from his worldwide travel.

Matthew works closely with each client to create unique landscapes that are an organic extension of the natural environment. His sustainable design solutions require only light maintenance, making beautiful and responsible gardening accessible to all.

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